Ever sit in a doctor’s office and wonder why we’re still subjected to filling out endless paper forms? Or have you asked why we’re still printing and faxing so many things? Or still meeting in person to sign a document?

We have! And that got us thinking—why do we still do things this way? Is there a conspiracy to keep us hooked on paper? If so, who’s behind it all?

The answer: Big Paper.

Big Paper has weaseled its way into nearly every industry—from insurance to healthcare to education to finance—leaving us all with a long and frustrating paper trail to navigate.

But you can stop the madness by learning the truth.

Big Paper wants you hooked on paper

Discover the truth about the big business of paper and its little white lies.

Big Paper turns healthcare into a headache

See how the paper epidemic is affecting healthcare

Big Paper makes insurance a risky business

See how heavy paper usage is sinking insurance providers.

The Man Behind the Paper Curtain

Milton Pulps

President & CEO, Big Paper

As President and CEO of Big Paper since 1986, Milton has weathered the rise of the Internet, cell phones, and eReaders. His sneaky business practices have ensured that no matter what technology makes an appearance, paper will still be necessary. Every Labor Day, he hosts the Paper Olympics—with events like paper airplane toss, fastest filer, shredded paper pickup, and paperweight lifting.

He’s loved paper since he fell out of an overgrown oak tree at the age of six and vowed revenge by cutting down every tree he could get his hands on. When he’s not in his office sorting paper stacks, he enjoys picnicking with his latest collection of paper plates and napkins.

How Can We Stop Big Paper?

There’s one company who’s not afraid to stand up to Big Paper and Mr. Pulps. Formstack.
For 15 years, Formstack has worked to undo the harm Big Paper has done by eliminating paper processes, unnecessary forms, and complicated workflows. Through our online forms, document generation, and digital signature solutions, we’re spearheading the fight to end Big Paper’s reign.
Since 2010, Formstack has saved over 470 million sheets of paper, 2 million ink cartridges, and 1 million gallons of water by digitizing form, document, and signature workflows. Our mission is to eliminate the need for so much unnecessary paper in industries around the world.

But we can’t continue the fight alone.

We need everyone to say “no” to Big Paper. Big Paper’s problem is your solution. Join the fight today and go paperless with a free Formstack demo.
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